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Singapore’s top media talent battle it out for the coveted 2017 Blis Golden Shaker

Golden Shaker 2017 final takes place this week

The preliminary rounds for Blis Golden Shaker 2017 are over and ten teams from Omnicom, GroupM, Publicis, Dentsu and independents APD are ready to take to the ring (the bar).

Blis’ annual cocktail competition for media agencies in Singapore is now in its third year, of which The Drum is in its second year as a media partner, and competition is increasing with every year.

This year, as with last year, the teams had professional help from bartenders at Proof & Company to create a drink, while the concept, name and performance elements are down to the creative minds in the teams.

The team has to select a spirit base at random and as an added twist for 2017, and to celebrate the opening of new offices in new markets for Blis, the team also had to select a secret ingredient representing each country.

The secret ingredients for 2017 were: Malaysia (Ginger Flower), Indonesia (Salak, Snake Fruit), Philippines (Coconut), Thailand (Galangal), Vietnam (Coriander), Hong Kong (Five Spice) and India (Cardamom).

Alongside partner 90 Seconds, each team made a video, and the team that has the most shares of the video will be awarded additional points towards the total.

At the final this week at Crackerjack in Singapore (Thurs 12 October) points will also be awarded by the judges for taste, aroma, appearance and flare/performance.

In no particular order, watch the videos below and help the teams by sharing the videos. The Drum also caught up with some of the attendees to ask some cutting media questions.

“THE OT” by Dentsu X (Team Nine to Midnight)

Base Spirit: Scotch

Secret Ingredient: Galangal

What more can be done to move further brand spend into programmatic?

“In order to move further brand spending into programmatic we still have a lot of education to do with clients. Programmatic technology is changing at an ever rapid pace, and clients need to be informed of those changes, and how programmatic can benefit them, rather than keeping the technology, or the industry as a whole, in a black-box, whereby everything is hidden from view. Being open about the tech, about the processes, and the targeting methodology, as well as the tech providers that agencies work with, ensures that clients are fully aware of the implications and benefits of applying programmatic to their digital marketing mix, “ said Giles Henderson, head of distribution at Dentsu X Singapore.

What industry buzzword would you move to the recycling bin?

“Mobile-first. Our clients have gotten the message and it’s time to move on. Bye, Felicia,” said Johanan Sen, head of strategy, Dentsu X Singapore.

“THE SALAK SMASH” by OMG (Team Handsome)

Base Spirit: Vodka

Secret Ingredient: Salak (Snake Fruit)


Base Spirit: Rum

Secret Ingredient: Coconut

“THE FUNKY FLAMINGO” by Publicis (The Pink Panthers)

Base Spirit: Gin

Secret Ingredient: Galangal

What more can be done to move further brand spend into programmatic?

“As much as it pains me, I think education is still the gap. Programmatic already offers a plethora of branding options, from rich media to audio ads. The greatest barrier seems to be education and willingness to think programmatic first and move away from IO based buys. Programmatic Guaranteed already provides the structure to replicate anything bought on IO’s today,” said Marc Langenfeld, programmatic strategy lead, APAC, Data, Technology and Innovation at Publicis Media.

What industry buzzword would you move to the recycling bin?

“Without a doubt ‘programmatic’. I’d love for everyone to realise it’s not a channel, or a new method to buying (it’s not new), this is simply how ads are transacted and will be transacted in the future. My second choice is “Big data”. In my mind small, quality data presents just as rich insights and opportunities to large data sets,” added Langenfeld.

“THE LAKSA OLD FASHIONED” by Mediacom (The Lord and Ladies of Laksa)

Base Spirit: Cognac

Secret Ingredient: Ginger Flower

“MOZEH” by Team Mindshare

Base Spirit: Tequila

Secret Ingredient: Five Spice (Hong Kong)

What more can be done to move further brand spend into programmatic?

Demonstration over explanation. Too many marketers see programmatic as a black box, championed by holding groups, in order to hide the money and perpetuate an ecosystem of self-serving fraud. The demonstration of a transparent stack, from strategizing to activation and reporting, goes a long way to building trust and traction. Simplification is equally as important, being able to provide jargon-free marketing talk that explains programmatic as a method and not as a channel will resonate better with the audience. Moreover, better measurement to prove that investments in programmatic media drive outcomes. Digital attribution should be performed independently (ex. By brands’ media agencies’ analytics teams) as much as possible to make sure brands don’t just rely on publishers’ reporting outcomes or worse, results merely based on the last click.

What industry buzzword would you move to the recycling bin?

One buzzword or acronym would be KOL. There’s such widespread abuse of this term that it’s swiftly eroding the value of influencer marketing. A spotty individual with a snapchat account does not make him/her an “opinion leader,” they’re more opinion sharers or at a stretch, influence peddlers, than anything. Another industry buzz-term would be Data Lakes – from data centers to the cloud, and now to lakes? Give us a break!

“Castaway” by Team APD

Base Spirit: Gin

Secret Ingredient: Coconut

What more can be done to move further brand spend into programmatic?

“Trust and credibility are clearly an issue – the industry needs more transparency and the onus is on agencies to support clients so they can see the true value of the channel and feel confident putting more resources into programmatic without being wary of shenanigans,” said Alex Thoma, account director at APD.

What industry buzzword would you move to the recycling bin?

“I love a good buzzword but ‘vertigration’ must be destroyed,” added Thoma.

“Gin and Terry” by Team Vizeum (last year’s title holders)

Base Spirit: Gin

Secret Ingredient: Five Spice

$17grand by Team PHD

Base Spirit: Tequila

Secret Ingredient: Coriander

“Bunga Boom” by Carat (Team 24k)

Base Spirit: Tequila

Secret Ingredient: Ginger Flower

To follow all the action, or to see the recipes from last year, visit The Blis Golden Shaker section on The Drum.

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