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Indian actress Anushka Sharma's clothing brand Nush will remove clothing lines after plagiarism row

Indian actress Anushka Sharma's clothing brand Nush to take off some designs after being accused of plagiarism

Before even rolling out for sale, Indian actress Anushka Sharma's newly launched brand Nush has been accused of copying designs from Chinese e-commerce websites.

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, among the items that have invited particular scrutiny are a black bomber jacket with floral motifs, a pink bomber jacket, a parka, a tan trench coat and a pair of striped pants.

Suditi Industries had the responsibility of designing and procuring samples for Sharma's Nush.

Pawan Agarwal, chief managing director, Suditi Industries, commented: "We have recently realised that some of our procured designs from the Chinese manufacturer were available elsewhere too. This not only is a serious design and procurement process lapse from our design and procurement team but also a breach of trust by the manufacturing company in China with us. We are taking serious actions, internally and externally, against this breach of faith”.

"We would also like to mention that some of the designs highlighted just have commonalities with prevalent fashion trends and are not copies as mentioned. So We along with our partner Anushka Sharma are also ensuring that these specific designs are not put on floor and will discard this out from our range”.