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'Heartless' Christophe De Fonseca's dying plea resonates in harrowing organ donor ad

A Belgian man is fronting an intense organ donor drive posthumously, recalling the story of the day he woke up without a heart.

Christophe De Fonseca leads the campaign, sharing how an electrically-powered pump kept him alive after his heart failed in a 2014 bike accident. Technically he died in the accident but was brought back with a substantially lower quality of life due to the lack of an organ donor to replace the damaged heart.

Fonseca, 'the man without a heart', passed away before the airing of the campaign, adding another edge to the work from Duval Guillaume, a worthy follow-up to its Game of Thrones-inspired drive earlier this year.

The agency stated it was De Fonseca's wish for the campaign launch to go ahead after his death. In the ad, he partakes in high-octane activities such as drifting, cycling and flying but he adds, he no longer feels the thrill of the chase or the pump of adrenaline without a heart.

His reliance on a mechanical pump saw him adopt the name Robocop. He serves as a powerful ambassador for organ donor charity Reborn to be Alive. The work hopes to inspire more Belgians to sign up to the organ donor list.

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