JCDecaux introduces brand charter to audit digital out of home ads

Outdoor advertising specialist JCDecaux has launched a unilateral digital out of home (DOOH) standard, for which it is thus far the sole signatory, in the expectation that other players in the sector will follow suit.

BranDO will be verified and audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and dovetails with its own automated digital trading platform, as the group seeks to marry its estimated 48% DOOH market share in the UK with its partners.

Spencer Berwin, co-chief executive officer at JCDecaux UK, said: “We must maintain advertisers’ trust and create working practices that ensure a brand safe environment. We are committed to growing the medium through a new automated platform by putting the advertiser at the heart of what we do.”

Consisting of a set of guidelines governing issues such as viewability, measurement, accountability, transparency and brand safety, the standard will become a de facto blueprint for the brand going forward.

This will operate in concert with a new trading platform which marries an integrated content management system with geo-location management, all of which will be compatible with existing partners and emerging platforms.

Despite its digital push, JCDecaux isn't ready to retire the humble billboard just yet, unveiling a new wave of 4k screens in the UK.