Ad of the Day: Volkswagen tackles family conflict and loss at the wheel of a Beetle

Volkswagen continues to rebuild its brand of the emissions scandal by telling the human stories birthed and propagated by its vehicles. Its latest work, coming out of Denmark is as hard-hitting as you may have come to expect.

The six-minute video called 'Generationer' from Very Agency showcases the high-highs and the many lows exhibited in a tense father-son road trip – at the wheel of a battered old Beetle.

Instantly, the son is screaming into the countryside, immediately it is clear, something has him riled. He gets in his father’s classic Beetle on what appears like a tense road trip with his father but what is in actual effect a reconciliation.

The shoot concludes with the son, in turn, taking off in the motor with his own son, showing how the family heirloom continues to serve its purpose. It was just a few months ago the brand took Ad of the Day for enlisting blind photographer Pete Eckert for a stunning luminous Arteon shoot.

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