US Creative Work of the Week: Southwest Airlines tells the stories behind the people in the seats

Behind every seat is a story for Southwest Airlines

You might think of your row mate as someone just taking up space on the airplane. You might even find them an annoyance. But air carrier Southwest Airlines has a new campaign that shows more than just a traveler.

The campaign, ‘Behind Every Seat is a Story, Behind Every Story is the Reason for Transfarency’ tells the real stories behind the airline’s passengers, inspired by the reasons why customers fly the airline and their individual stories.

The spots, ‘New Parents,’ ‘Coach,’ and ‘Grandma,’ highlight the emotional reasons Southwest’s customers travel. From wanting to break mom out of a nursing home and take her to Belize, to catching a direct flight only to come home with a newly adopted baby girl, the campaign brings to life that behind every seat number is a story. The creative, by GSD&M, shows compassion for fellow travelers and a caring by the airline. That's the reason it was voted the US Creative Work of the Week by our readers.

See the full campaign by clicking the Creative Works box below.

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