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Snapchat collaborates with Jeff Koons to populate the globe with giant AR sculptures

Snapchat is seeking to build its presence in augmented reality by partnering with artist Jeff Koons in order to allow app owners to see familiar places in a new light.

From today Snapchat users will be able to explore the artist’s work at select locations with a balloon dog virtually inflated in London’s Hyde Park and a giant Popeye figurine on the steps to Sydney’s Opera House.

A full location list is available to view on a custom microsite with the app itself pinpointing the precise location of their artistic goal. When in close proximity visitors may peruse the work on their phone screen, walking around the piece in three dimensions as though it were actually there.

Other artists are being encouraged to sign-up for the endeavor which comes within a week of the app launching its sponsored AR-powered world lenses – a series of interactive models which members can embed within their own Snaps.

Geared toward advertisers this allows people to populate their creations with the car from Blade Runner 2049 or even add a man selling Bud Light beer. These followed on the coattails of a 3d Bitmoji which can add a further layer of interactivity to a standard image.

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