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TV advertising holds its own against video streaming onslaught

TV advertising holds its own against SVoD onslaught

The long-heralded demise of traditional TV advertising is still refusing to materialize despite rampant growth in the streaming video on demand sector, according to new research by YouGov.

Broadcast to Narrowcast, its latest industry snapshot, divides the industry into three broad categories; viewers who exclusively watch streaming content through the likes of Amazon and Netflix; those making use of paid subscription services such as Sky and Virgin Media and those reliant on Freeview and Freesat services.

The research indicates that while the way people watch TV has changed dramatically the number of people viewing adverts hasn’t fallen by much with even 45% of those taking advantage of streaming video still able to recall seeing television adverts over the preceding week.

While below the comparable figures for Freeview/Freesat (57%) and paid TV (63%) it does indicate that brand propositions are still managing to find a way through during live broadcasts, which maintains a big role in the viewing habits of streaming viewers. Overall Yougov found that 48% of those who stream had viewed the ITV1 app in the past 30 days while 51% tuned into Channel 4 and 28% accessed Channel 5.

Stephen Harmston, head of YouGov Reports commented: “People watch TV in different ways but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the number of people watching traditional television have fallen that much. These broadcasters and their advertisers need to be realistic but not panicked about the challenge to them from subscription video on demand providers. While the likes of Now TV and Netflix inevitably siphon off some viewers some of the time, they are not taking most the traditional broadcasters’ viewers most of the time.”

Elsewhere YouGov’s data confirmed the onward march of so-called boxset binging with 77% of subscription streaming aficionados sitting through two or more episodes of their favoured show in a single sitting, falling to 53% of Freeview/Freesat viewers and 45% of paid TV customers.

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