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Integral Ad Science’s CRO: brands are demanding custom metrics for greater transparency

As P&G’s top boss Marc Pritchard’s call to the industry to ‘clean up its act’ reverberates around the industry, companies are starting to respond. WPP’s media arm GroupM now requires 100% of its ads to be in view for at least one-second. According to Mike Iantosca, CRO at Integral Ad Science, this is a start of things to come in the media industry.

“Digital budgets have gotten so big that advertisers really need to understand where their media is running and if it’s of the quality that they demand. Secondly, they want to have an aligned investment strategy.

"As they are buying over multiple publishers, networks and DSPs, they want to understand things like viewability, brand safety and fraud across those publishers and be able to measure all of them with a common yardstick,” he told the Drum at Dmexco.

He added: “They want to understand how these custom metrics relate back to performance. Whether that’s in-store visits for a fast-food company or offline sales for a FMCG company – they need to understand how this affects that outcome.”

Iantosca says there needs to be better communication between advertisers and publishers on the custom metrics they are being evaluated on. He also sees the industry taking “media quality beyond just an impression level”.

Watch the full video above to get Iantosca’s views on trends to come and how publishers and advertisers can avoid the confusion around custom metrics.

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