Adblock Plus scales Facebook’s ‘closed garden’ with beefed-up ad filter

Adblock Plus scales Facebook’s ‘closed garden’ with beefed-up ad filter

Adblock Plus has responded in kind to the latest attempt by Facebook to disable its functionality by issuing more robust software capable of circumventing the social media sites protection measures.

As such members may now take advantage of a ‘has’ filter from which they can filter elements such as Facebook posts in order to better differentiate between user content and adverts, allowing people to banish the latter.

Explaining the latest round of their cat and mouse game with Facebook Ben Williams of AdBlock Plus wrote in a blog post: “We can almost promise our users that Facebook will be back with a fix to our fix. Still, we felt like it was important to notify you that the fix is there and let you know that Facebook’s offensive against the open source community, including all content-blocker producers, is ongoing. Again, they can do whatever they want because... Facebook is not like other sites on the open web. Think of it as a private country club and (most) of the rest of the web as a public park.

“Maybe someday we’ll stop dancing. Maybe not. The good news is that the ultimate eventuality here is Facebook moving to make ads indistinguishable from content. And it’s not likely they’ll go that far.”

Facebook had previously scented victory in its adblocker battle after successfully blocking the blockers for a time.

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