Blade Runner sequel sparks reimagination of other Philip K Dick novels

The Folio Society, publisher of Philip K Dick’s acclaimed sci-fi novels, is seeking to capitalise in a resurgence of interest brought about by a forthcoming Blade Runner sequel and Channel 4’s small screen adaptation of several short stories by commissioning fresh artwork.

The campaign will see the publisher collaborate with content agency Brawl to create fresh visual interpretations for some of the author’s most famous works; including Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? and A Scanner Darkly.

These will form the basis of a new illustrated book encompassing both works which will be unified within a single publication in which the titles will follow each other from top to tail.

Vicki Traino, head of PR and digital at the Folio Society said: "Philip K. Dick is a hugely influential author and we approached this task with a real sense of responsibility. We have created a unique vision of his worlds with two talented artists. Brawl has captured the passion of the artists in some powerful and engaging content."

As part of these efforts a short promotional film has been created to support the campaign.

The Folio Society previously resurrected H.P Lovecraft’s monstrous Cthulhu for a special collector's edition of the seminal horror title.

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