Creative Work of the Week: Save The Children takes fire with hard-hitting parody ad

Save The Children's ad, highlighting the role of the UK government in the devastating effects of the war in Yemen on children, has been voted Creative Work of the Week.

Mirroring the tone of high street car and food ads, actor Dominic West describes the intricate details of a mysterious product as the camera pans dramatically to different close-ups of the machine, using evocative language like "understated, painted racing green", and "a micron perfect casing".

The ad is set to the score of Elgar’s 'Nimrod' which adds suspense to the short.

Towards the close of the ad, West says: "Made in Britain. Dropped on children," as it is revealed the product is a bomb.

While the UK is sending aid to Yemen, Save The Children's ad raises awareness of the fact that the reason the aid is needed it due to the bombs being dropped, some of which are sold by the UK.

Text at the end of the ad acts as a call-to-arms to the UK government to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

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