What is advertising's most timeless lesson? Creatives to compete over words of wisdom

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Screeds upon screeds have been written about advertising, and you can't move for thought leaders dispensing their own unique brand of knowledge at industry events these days. But whose advice is really worth paying attention to?

To separate the wheat from the chaff, the Advertising Association has challenged four bright young sparks from across agencies, brands and media to find the wisest words ever spoken about advertising and bring them to life on stage.

Four venerable debaters from across the industry have been lined up to argue the case for four very different utterances at the Last One Standing showdown from 6-8pm Wednesday 27 September at the Google Town Hall in London.

Competing will be Fleur Andrews, an industry manager in Google's UK Agency Team; Thomas O’Neill, McDonald’s UK marketing team; Emily Ellis, McCann London and Tom Sussman, strategy director adam&eveDDB. The event will be chaired by The Drum's own deputy editor Cameron Clarke.

Each of the participants will be making the case for famous phrases from some of the industry's most decorated luminaries, including David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Leo Burnett.

To find out who comes out on top, you can register to attend here. In the meantime, The Drum wants you to tell us who you think advertising's smartest sage is by taking part in our discussion on Twitter.

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