Unruly targets Southeast Asian emotions with launch of new tool for video advertising

Unruly has launched a new targeting capability called Unruly Custom Audiences (UCA)

Advertising technology company Unruly has launched a new targeting capability called Unruly Custom Audiences (UCA) in Southeast Asia, with GroupM signed up as the first partner.

The technology aims to help advertisers across Southeast Asia connect with consumers most likely to emotionally engage with a specific advertisement.

UCA draws data from the company’s content evaluation tool Unruly EQ to target people most likely to engage emotionally with a specific video, leading to increases in earned media impressions, brand recall and purchase intent.

Audiences are first defined and identified among a survey panel of 500 nationally representative respondents, which then allows Unruly to profile each audience, identifying the top characteristics for targeting - such as gender, age, income, personality type and contextual interests. When Unruly distributes the campaign, targeting is applied according to the profile of each audience, through a mixture of first and third-party data segments.

The company also announced that GroupM agencies across the region were the first to test this tool for 10 clients across the verticals of FMCG, quick service restaurants, automotive and financial service brands.

“We are really excited to be launching this ground-breaking solution for advertisers across Southeast Asia,” said Phil Townend, Unruly’s chief commercial officer in Asia Pacific.

“For the first time, advertisers across the region can apply psychographic, emotional and bespoke targeting to their digital video buys. In today’s frenetic media landscape, brands that want success on social media and memorability at the point of purchase need to create and distribute contagious content that makes a deep emotional connection with their audiences.

“Emotion matters in marketing - it creates values and sets preferences. Inspires action. Drives sales. With the launch of this unique targeting capability, Unruly advertisers now know how, why, where and with whom their ads are resonating.

“They can use Unruly’s distribution platform to optimise their digital video distribution on a creative-by-creative basis to reach and engage the sub-segments of their audience most likely to respond positively to the content.”

UCA targeting can also be used for Stream, Unruly In-Article, a viewable outstream format which only begins to play when the video is in-view, its click-to-play In-Page format, programmatic campaigns through UnrulyX.

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