Ad of the Day: Craghoppers brings the 'Trouserless Nightmare' to life

Craghoppers latest campaign sees people living the Trouserless Nighmare reality

Craghoppers is invading dreams with a terrifying scenario in its latest campaign 'The Trouserless Nightmare', which features travellers wandering through the rainforest in nothing but their tops.

Created by Pablo London, the spot begins to creep the viewer out with loud whispers over a demonic track as the individuals wake up in a dreamland. Waking up to the beautiful landscapes surrounding them, a voiceover asks: "Having a sweet dream? Or maybe not" as the characters begin to realise they have forgotten a vital piece of attire.

While the characters each try to protect their modesty as they make their way through the rainforest , the voice over laughs devilishly as the duo separately try to find their way out of the dream.

Using the common nightmare that people have usually because they feel vulnerable, the ad promotes the comfort and protection the Craghoppers trousers can give.

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