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Snapchat enlists more creative partners to help brands drive ROI when users interact with ads

The Venice Beach-based company is forging ties with over a dozen new companies in order to enhance the 'post-swipe' ad experienc

Snapchat has added 14 companies to its roster of creative partners, with the aim of helping brands drive ROI when a user ‘swipes up’ on a vertical ad.

The firm has forged ties with the likes of Whalar which matches advertisers with creators to produce scalable content, and Slyce which allows brands to create custom coupons and track redemption.

The Venice Beach-based company is forging ties with over a dozen new companies in order to enhance the 'post-swipe' ad experience; or in other words ensuring users remain engaged with what is on their screen after they take action on a clickable, vertical ad.

Other partners with specialists in custom games, interactive videos, haptics and gyroscope, and lead generation include: Flyr; Ceros; Undertone; Famous; Wirewax; Entrypoint; Adludio; TreSensa; GameCommerce; CrossInstall; Jebbit and Popwallet.

With the new deals, Snap is focusing on the impact of ads that load in its internal browser. This is something it has already been experimenting with through gamification and interactive experiences, including the recent unveiling of an exclusive Adidas game last week, which let viewers partake in a competitive touchscreen kick-up tournament. In June, the Economist also trialed Snapchat's Attachment format, which facilitates external links and video.

During Snap's most recent earnings call its chief strategy officer Imran Khan claimed that the average cost per-lead on the campaign was £10.28 compared to the £62 norm on other display channels.

The messaging app launched its official partner program last year when it was seriously bulking up its ad offering. Previously creative partners like Vidsy and Celtra have been tasked with producing the visuals people see when Snap Ads are served between Stories or in Discover, but today's announcement marks in a shift in focus in favor of technology that fuels post-swipe experiences.

Snap Inc's most recent financial results fell short of Wall Street forecasts with the company pulling in $182m between March and June of this year. However, in the face of growing competition from the likes of Facebook and Instagram the upstart has remained optimistic about its ad products.

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