HSBC offers personalised credit cards via data-driven interactive campaign in Singapore

HSBC has rolled out a data-driven interactive campaign called “Choose What You Love” to help consumers select a personalized credit card.

The integrated campaign conceptualised by JWT Singapore and in collaboration with Dru Chen, singer-songwriter, has been designed to explore engaging ways for users to find out more about the bank’s offerings.

Chen also wrote and co-produced the song featured in the campaign with Leonard Soosay. Consumers can listen to this song, personalised to them, when they engage with the platform at

The platform uses lifestyle questions and data such as weather, date and time, as well as information available from users who allow access to their Facebook profile, to generate an entirely unique music video for every user.

Gaurav Lalwani, general manager at JWT Singapore, said: "There are dozens of credit cards in the Singapore market and making sense of the choices is often confusing and not very interesting. We know the younger consumers are looking for entertainment that’s relevant so we combined music and technology to create a personalized, data driven music video to drive the message of a unique credit card."

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