Sennheiser makes some noise at Selfridges with anamorphic window installation

German audio brand Sennheiser has unveiled a unique sculpture installation in a window of the famous London department store Selfridges.

Created for Sennheiser by BWP Group, the installation features various items of music paraphernalia, such as guitars, trumpets, vinyl, CDs and drums, all intermingled with Sennheiser products. Utilising the phenomenon of anamorphism, the shapes blend together as pedestrians walk past the display, eventually resembling a set of headphones when viewed head-on.

The display was physically installed by BWP Group’s creative director, Rod Kavanagh, and business director Adam Wilson overnight in the early hours of Friday (15 September) morning and revealed to shoppers later that morning.

Discussing the project, Kavanagh said: “We’ve delivered a concept that uses intrigue and a 'wow' reveal by visually communicating how aligned Sennheiser and music are – by literally being 'one' together.”

The display can be seen at Selfridges, London, until tomorrow (19 September) night at 10pm.

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