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Trivago woman visits her 'spooky', omnipresent ads to prank Londoners

Gabrielle Miller, the actress who plays the Trivago Woman

Gabrielle Miller, the unforgettable face of Trivago’s latest ad push, has taken to London to deface the ads that made her famous (or infamous).

The all encompassing media buy has shrouded London with actress Miller's likeness in an ad that just wants you to ‘Find your ideal hotel for the best price’.

Capturing this collective feeling from London commuters, Jon Beach, a freelance creative from FCBInferno, assembled some relatable prose earlier this month to signify that “The Trivago woman is everywhere. There is no escape”.

Paying homage to the marketing campaign, Miller has been blending in at London. During the activity she defaced posters, stood in front of the creative and trolled commuters. The actress has been sharing the activity on her Instagram Mad Gab.

The brand delivered an open brief to Miller, she claimed she was “to look as spooky as possible,” she added “I guess I nailed it.”

Here are some videos of her hijinks, earlier in the week.

Keeping up appearances A post shared by MadGab (@gabkmiller) on


A post shared by MadGab (@gabkmiller) on

Incognito A post shared by MadGab (@gabkmiller) on

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