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The Contributor Network Live: The benefits of working remotely and the psychology of colour

The Contributor Network Live: updates from The Drum's contributors

The Drum loves great content and our Contributor Network enables agencies to self-publish their own news, insights, campaigns and case studies on The Drum website to build profile with our audiences. In this week’s Contributor Network Live, we look at the benefits and limitations of working away from the office and the psychology behind choosing a brand's colour scheme.

CSI Media: brand identity: the psychology of colour

Scientific studies have shown that different colours evoke different emotions and reactions, with evolutionary, social and cultural factors all playing a role in our evaluation of colours. It must be noted that while the research suggests that there are trends, each of us has our own, unique preferences. CSI Media discusses the fascinating world of colour psychology, the emotional and behavioural impact of colour, and the importance of selecting the right colour scheme for your brand.

To read more click here.

Synergist: Could your agency benefit from remote working?

YouGov UK recently stated that 30% of UK office workers are more productive when working remotely. In some respects, the agency world should have a head start on remote working as using remote freelancers is something agencies have done since the dawn of time. In this post, Synergist offers advice on making remote working, work – helping you harness what is no doubt already in place or should come naturally to your team, so you can really reap the benefits.

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Iris: Isn’t it time you told your boss to do some f******* work?

According to Nikki Cochrane, it is time we stopped seeing flexible working as an employee perk that is just available for the lucky few. Flexibility is not a dirty word; it has huge business benefits including attracting and retaining the best talent. It's time to change the culture around the way we work in the UK.

A concept and campaign created by creative agency iris as part of a pro-bono partnership with Digital Mums, ‘Clean Up The F Word’ aims to drive social awareness among both employees and employers about the benefits of flexible work, and encourage people to pledge their support by petitioning the government to change how ‘flexible working’ is officially defined.

To read more about the campaign click here.

DJS Research ltd: Poll reveals upselling food and beverage products aids weight-gain

A poll conducted by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) and Slimming World revealed that upselling food and beverages can add an average of an enormous 17,000 calories per person, each year. The research looks at how retailers in the food and beverage sector persuade people to buy more and to what extent the method of upselling contributes to obesity rates.

To see the results of the poll click here.

Dock9: HM Land Registry to offer digital signatures

In a key development in digitising the overall house purchase experience, HM Land Registry has announced an upcoming new service that will allow customers to sign their property deed online.

Borrowers using the ‘sign your mortgage deed’ service will no longer need to sign a physical document and can digitally sign the deed online without needing their signature to be witnessed. The service is in final testing stage with the aim to have completed the first fully digital remortgage deed later this year.

To find out more about how HM Land Registry is committed to aiding the Proptech revolution, click here.

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