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British adults consuming 9% more media than in 2016 – TV still dominates

GB adults consume 7.56 hours of media a day

Great British adults are consuming a reported 7 hours and 56 minutes a day consuming media according to figures from the IPA TouchPoints 2017 report.

Figures are up 9% from 2016 and 13% from 2005, showing a recent precipitous peak. Furthermore, 2005 saw 79% of adults consume two or more media in the same half hour once a week – this has now risen to 92% in 2017. In addition, more than 26% of all adults consume more than three different media in any half hour.

For adults, TV and video scores the highest on the basis of hours viewed at 4.35 hours, following is out of home placements at 3.28 hours, and coming in third is radio and audio at 3.9 hours. Social media (2.53), cinema (2.16), internet (2.14), newsbrands (1.1) and magazines (0.5) follow.

Sarah Golding, president and chief executive of CHI & Partners, said: “This latest TouchPoints 2017 data proves, unequivocally, that our media consumption patterns are continuing to grow and fragment as technology, new platforms and media channels are delivering an ever wider choice of content, available to us on a 24/7 basis.

“The knock-on effect on our lives – both personally and professionally – cannot be underestimated. As such, this data is invaluable in helping our industry to recognise the most appropriate ways to approach consumers – one that improves lives rather than interrupts.”

In the 15-34 category, TV and video is slightly lower at 98.9%, further social media usurps OOH as the second source but the figures remain largely the same. The research struck up some interesting facts well worth sharing, more than half of the public (54%) watch video between 9-10pm on an average week night.

Disruptive media platforms take a significant share of this attention. Netflix makes up a significant chunk of it, 19% of adults watch it for an average of two hours a week. 38% of adults listen to Spotify each week – topically this rises to 55% of 15-24s.

More than three quarters of adults are using social media and/or instant messaging each week too with cumulative time spent online sitting at an average of 4.43 hours.