Creative Director's Choice: Dan Kelleher of Deutsch NY says Yes Good to Emerald Nuts campaign

Dan Kelleher, chief creative officer at Deutsch NY

Creative Director’s Choice gives creative directors a chance to highlight the current work they think is the best out in the ad world – the ads and campaigns they think are making a difference. Each week The Drum is featuring the words of a creative director or other top creative on the work they find funny, powerful or otherwise engaging.

This week, Deutsch New York’s chief creative officer, Dan Kelleher, sings the praises of Barton F. Graf’s simple, two-word, review-based campaign for Emerald Nuts.

If ‘Tastes Great, Less Filling’ had a ménage à trois with ‘Drivers Wanted’ and ‘Think Different,’ their beautiful love child would be Emerald Nuts’ new tagline, 'Yes Good.'

It’s the ‘Just Do It’ of almonds.

The ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ of cashews.

The ‘We Try Harder’ of trail mix.

I loved it when I first read it. Then I discovered the story behind it and I loved it even more.

Turns out the writer was someone who left a five-star review for Emerald Nuts on Amazon that simply said, “Yes good.” Little did he know that his insightful, restrained, Shakespearean prose was about to become part of advertising history.

And those two words were all Barton F. Graf needed to create a campaign that’s fun, modern and best of all, completely ridiculous. The story of Yes Good became ‘The True Story of Yes Good' video and a Yes Good website. And it didn’t stop there. Other real Amazon reviews then became the inspiration for a content series called ‘Revue of Reviews.’ And just when you thought it was going to stop there, it didn’t – there are Yes Good hats, mugs and bags. I mean, if you’re going to go ridiculous, let’s give them the whole nine yards, right?

Emerald is still searching for the author of these brilliant two words. I hope they find him or her soon because I’d like to offer them a job.

Yes Good – it’s my new favorite tagline.

Dan Kelleher is chief creative officer at Deutsch New York.

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