Ad of the Day: Lovelorn jelly pines for peanut butter in amusing MaraNatha ads

After spending many years together, peanut butter has decided it’s had enough of jelly’s antics and is ready to strike out on its own — at least according to nut butter purveyor MaraNatha, whose latest campaign features a lovelorn piece of bread slathered with jelly who can’t seem to fathom why he’s been dumped by his PB&J counterpart.

Created by New York agency Terri & Sandy, the quirky campaign aims to position MaraNatha’s line of peanut, almond and specialty butters as being “too good” for jelly.

One of the ads features an ‘80s-style montage of jelly as he goes through typical breakup clichés, like drinking alone in a dimly lit bar and walking dejectedly through the rain. Another features jelly late-night texting peanut butter in hopes of a second chance, a move that goes awry when peanut butter calls him out for being slightly drunk on corn syrup.

"When we were in creative development, we found ourselves eating MaraNatha directly out of a bowl, spoon in hand,” said Sandy Greenberg, chief executive of Terri & Sandy, in a statement. “Suddenly, one of our creative teams envisioned an animated character called ‘Sad Jelly’ who was depressed because he was no longer needed. We knew right then we had the beginnings of a great campaign, and a big idea for a little fighter brand.”

The spots, which are set to run on TV, in cinema, online and out-of-home, mark MaraNatha’s first-ever integrated ad campaign. In addition to digital and social elements, the brand is also leveraging content partnerships with The Food Network and Cooking Channel.

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