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Stranger Things pays homage to its movie influences with reimagined retro posters

Stranger Things, a not entirely original Netflix Original show that picks and chooses its favourite moments from Hollywood's rich storytelling tapestry, is paying homage to the tales that inspired it with a slew of promotional artwork.

As season two of the highly successful and much anticipated show crawls closer, Netflix has distributed reimagined versions of classic movie posters, a clear nod to the referential show’s formative influences.

Rooted heavily in 80s nostalgia, the creators have nodded at iconic movie posters. Above you'll see references to Alien, Stand By Me and Firestarter and below, the original posters for comparison.

On the whole, Stranger Things’ artwork is often heaped with praise and positive feedback, the work of Kyle Lambert has created a base for the IP to build upon.

Below are references to Running Man, The Evil Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The show, directed by the up and coming Duffer Brothers, has already been greenlit for a third season despite the second not yet airing, a sign of confidence from Netflix in the IP.

Here is the latest teaser from the show which returns 27 October.

The movie adaptation of Stephen King's IT was recently released to a warm critical reception, and it follows many of the same beats as Stranger Things, owed to the influence King has on horror. The movie had a number of creepy marketing activations worth checking out.

One involved guerrilla balloons and creepy murals in Australia.