By Jenny Cleeton | Social Media & Video Content Creator

September 13, 2017 | 2 min read

What Does It Take To Be A Great Creative? is a video series that highlights the thinking of global creative leaders on specifics actions that can build a successful creative career in the industry. See what other creative leaders had to say in past episodes.

For Susan Panico, senior vice president of strategic solutions at Pandora, being a great creative in gaming especially, takes two key elements: competition and effectiveness.

In the above video, Panico explains the importance of marrying up the creative and the person you are targeting through human insight. She says: “With gamers, it’s all about competition and getting the next level. So creatives need to tap into that and be bold and proactive.”

Panico also describes the importance of remaining true to your objectives however still being daring with experimentation to produce the best kind of creative.

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