Ad of the Day: Kinder Bueno celebrates the hallmarks of ‘adulting’ in funky musical spot

Bleeding a radiator – not something that’s often celebrated by the confectionary world but a task that falls into Kinder Bueno’s philosophy of ‘adulting’, its latest campaign targeting grown-ups.

Adulting sees Kinder embrace its reputation as a brand for kids, working with TMW Unlimited to produce a colourful, retro spot complete with its synth-heavy soundtrack. The hero ad features two friends celebrating success in the mundane jobs that young adults must learn to endure, including paying gas bills and keeping house plants alive.

Having accomplished another day of adulating, the duo finally hit the sofa and treat themselves to a Kinder Bueno.

The campaign, which runs for the next eight weeks, features a 20-second master ad for video on demand, three 10-second cut downs and an extended edit, while TMW has also produced a series of gifs to support on social.

Brittony Collins, copywriter at the agency, said: “By tapping into a relatable social phenomenon, some undeniable truisms and establishing a new fun tone of voice, we’ve given Kinder Bueno a fresh new relevance amongst its target audience. We had a lot of fun creating it and to us that’s a really good sign.”

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