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Neo@Ogilvy’s data analyst on overcoming the big data challenge| Future stars of digital

Marketers are drowning in data and while some are focusing on developing their analytical skills, others believe that without the right skill-set, effective data analysis is impossible. According to a recent report by BlueVenn, 64% of UK and US marketers believe it’s their role to collect customer data but not analyse it.

In the final episode of the future stars of digital series, Neo@Ogilvy’s data analyst, Elisabeth Westerlund says there is a trove of treasure hidden in the data – it just needs to be found. She suggests different ways to handle the big data challenge.

“The industry needs to overcome this by putting more resources into finding hidden patterns and hiring people working in machine learning and advanced analytics. There is no point having data just for the sake of it, if it doesn’t help you,” she recommends.

When asked about her future career ambitions, she says she wants to make a positive impact on “as many people as possible”.

Watch the full video above to learn how Neo@Ogilvy is helping clients take advantage of new technologies.

Neo@Ogilvy’s future stars of digital offers a behind-the-scenes insight into life at the agency as a young employee. Filmed at Neo@Ogilvy’s Sea Containers building on the South Bank, the series examines their personal views on diversity, their greatest achievements, and their future career ambitions.

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