ClientEarth imagines Poison Playgrounds to pressure parents into supporting clean air initiatives

Non-profit environmental lobby group ClientEarth is bolstering its clean air message with a new ad campaign showing a playground of kids in gasmasks.

The work cites research by University College London research claiming that more than 950 UK schools are near illegally polluted roads according to leglislation to be adhered to by the UK government.

It utilises imagery reminiscent of the Blitz where the public adopted gasmasks the protect from Luftwaffe attacks using chemical agents.

Delivered by creative agency BMB, the video and accompanying out of home items drive concerned parents to a website that can communicate the measured pollution of select schools, a strong call to action for parents.

Creatives Harry Boothman, who conceived the campaign with Jenny Piggott from BMB, said: “Everybody deserves the right to clean air and it’s an issue which has been too low down the agenda for too long. The statistics are quite frightening and it’s time that we wake up to the reality of the situation before it is beyond our control.”

Tim Reid, ClientEarth comms directed, added: “The film BMB created for us is immensely powerful and will help to raise awareness of a problem which all schools and parents need to be aware of, and which the government needs to urgently tackle.

“While our successful court action against the UK Government has helped to raise awareness of illegal air quality across Britain, this campaign focuses on one very important impact of pollution. We need to do more to protect young lungs from unhealthy air.”

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