Marmite runs biggest ever campaign to detect whether there's a genetic predisposition to love or hate it

Marmite has toyed with its Love it or Hate it narrative by launching a study into whether there is a genetic predisposition to enjoying the divisive yeast extract spread.

Unilever has launched “its largest” Marmite marketing campaign to date, called the The Marmite Gene Project, to uncover the genes responsible for the seemingly binary love and hate battlelines drawn up around the brand.

Underlining the study, is the new strapline, ‘Just Try It’ as part of the £3m campaign. It will be backed up with online and social advertising. Traffic will be driven to a bespoke app that will measure customers’ enjoyment of Marmite by using facial recognition to detect supposed enjoyment levels as part of the ‘Just Try It’ proposition.

Philippa Atkinson, Marmite brand manager at Unilever UK, said: “We want to encourage families across Britain to try Marmite with our biggest-ever campaign.

“For the first time, we are able to understand the role of genetics in influencing consumer taste preference for Marmite and retailers can really benefit from the greater sales opportunities presented with The Marmite Gene Project.”

Spearheading the pseudo-scientific activity, Marmite fans can buy themed DNA kits to detect whether they love or hate the brand.

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