By John McCarthy, Opinion editor

September 7, 2017 | 2 min read

James Blunt, the musician who wrote ‘You’re Beautiful’ – a love song about falling in love with a woman on the subway and then drowning yourself at the beach after her rejection – is leading Tinder’s latest charm offensive, offering a very ‘Blunt’ critique of user profiles.

The musician was temporarily appointed as 'chief blunt officer'. Fulfilling his role, he offered tidbits of wisdom on how one should conduct themselves on the dating app.

A two and a half minute video, of course scored with ‘You’re Beautiful’, documents Blunt’s 24 hours in the brutal role. During it he criticises group photos, posing with dead animals, topless selfies and people who are supposedly “not looking to hook up”.

Naturally, the creative landed during a period of prosperity for Tinder that has seen the app shoot the top of the App Store Top Grossing chart following the introduction of subscription service Tinder Gold.

Blunt is becoming quite the adman in recent years, as a venerable ambassador for National Lottery.

And in a self-deprecating ad for his new album earlier this year.

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