Look what you made her do: Taylor Swift battles Andy Samberg in AT&T-DirecTV’s spot

The old Taylor Swift can't come to the phone right now. But that’s fine because she, through a partnership with AT&T-DirecTV, has released a new spot for her Taylor Swift Now. The product provides exclusive content such as behind the scenes videos.

In the spot, Swift bounces around from a house to the studio to a fight with Andy Samberg and back to the studio.

It starts with a voiceover saying, “Now, she’s entering the studio. Now she’s getting ready to record, now she’s tuning up her guitar.”

It continues with her petting her cat, Olivia, named after Olivia Pope from ABC’s Scandal, eating a kale rice bowl “thingie,” watches videos on her phone and just being Taylor.

But then, Andy Samberg joins in and they have an exaggerated battle with a fist-fight, a caricature contest and a thumb war.

All ending up with her being back in the studio. It finishes with, “Now you can watch exclusive behind the scenes and other videos on Taylor Swift now.”

In one of the behind-the-scenes videos, with her first single, "Look What You Made Me Do," from her new album playing in the background, she jokingly explains the campaign, which has her eating cookie dough while sitting on the floor of the Los Angeles kitchen.

“I was really method acting. I was eating the food each time,” she said.

This product is a part of a larger multi-year, multi-faceted deal that Swift and AT&T-DirecTV have. As a part of that deal as well, in February, she performed her last onstage performance before the new album at the 2017 DirecTV Now Super Saturday Night Concert that took place before the Super Bowl.

“Taylor Swift NOW is one of many exciting things we have in store for Taylor’s fans and our customers as part of our exclusive multi-year deal,” said John Stankey, chief executive of AT&T Entertainment Group, in a statement in 2016 at the beginning of their partnership. "We’re looking forward to working with Taylor as we develop exclusive original content that inspires her and her fans.”