The Contributor Network Live: developments in the industry and the impact of driverless cars on automotive brands

The Drum loves great content and our Contributor Network enables agencies to self-publish their own news, insights, campaigns and case studies on The Drum website to build profile with our audiences. In this week’s Contributor Network Live, we look at developments in the marketing world, tracking software solutions and what AI advancements mean for the future of automotive.

Bulletproof: Peloponnese® relaunches with revitalized visual identity to appeal to taste adventurers

Specialty Mediterranean food brand, Peloponnese® is set to relaunch its entire portfolio of products with refreshed packaging graphics and a new visual identity aimed to establish the brand as leader in its category and appeal to a new generation of consumers looking for culinary adventure.

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ResponseTap: The role of the phone series: the real value of calls

The call tracking market is, admittedly, a tad confusing. The main problem is that not all call tracking is equal. Far from it. ResponseTap explains the three main types of call tracking software solutions out there, highlights some key differences and considers what this all means for you and your business.

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Cuckoo: Alliance Manchester business school delivers a high-end conceptual film

As part of an overall re-brand of imagery and film, and to support the launch of their brand-new website, Alliance Manchester commissioned Cuckoo to deliver a high-end conceptual film, with the objective to sell the business school not only within the UK but globally.

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ResponseTap: Holiday brand strengthens multichannel marketing activity to fuel growth

Active holiday specialist Neilson has invested in call intelligence technology from ResponseTap to strengthen the brand’s multichannel marketing strategy.

The move comes hot on the heels of a new website launch in late 2016, which was designed to improve the research and booking experience for Neilson customers shopping online.

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Selesti: How to fill your sales team's pipeline through SEO and PPC

It goes without saying that search engines are the first port of call for nearly everything we do online. But with users expecting an increasingly personalised experience, how can brands get the balance right between casting the net wide and remaining relevant when it comes to filling the sales pipeline? Selesti explains how in six quick steps.

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Going beyond hands-free: the future of driverless cars

After launching Model 3 on 29 June, Tesla has been on what can only be described as a honeymoon period with rave reviews of the new electric car. With the recent developments and subsequent support/criticism over driverless cars and the technology surrounding it, the Drum Network wanted to ask a few questions. First of all, would you get in one? And secondly, where does the future of the automotive industry lie? The Drum Network members reveal how.

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