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Snickers fantasy football spots show hunger can have embarrassing effects on your game

Snickers is again aiming for chuckles in its latest ads that highlight how hunger can ruin your fantasy football draft.

The spots, created by BBDO New York, feature new NFL-themed Snickers hunger bars. The bars will be available throughout the football season and replace the iconic Snickers on packaging with what can happen on the football field when you’re hungry.

The words include: Bench Warmer, Benched, Blocked, Defeated, Defensive, Deflected, Denied, Downed, False Start, Flagged, Fumbled, Fumbly, Guarded, Incomplete, Intercepted, Off-Sides, Out of Bounds, Pancaked, Penalized, Punted, Rushed, Sacked, Sidelined, Snappy, Tackled, and Winded.

In one spot, a guy shows up at his fantasy football draft in a centaur suit. When the bewildered host looks at his weirdly attired guest, the centaur says that he has mixed up his fantasy nights, due to hunger that could have been sated by a Snickers.

A second one has a guy spilling his guts about what his ultimate fantasy would be – to walk away from his family and job and start fresh – while his fantasy draft cohorts look on in jaw-dropped horror.

The spots will make their TV debut Thursday, Sept. 7 during the first NFL game of the season between Kansas City and New England.

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