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Charity calls out on Dow Chemical merger in animated campaign 'DoNT bury Bhopal'

Charity calls out on Dow Chemical in an animated campaign 'DoNT bury Bhopal'

To protest against the $9bn merger of Dow Chemical with DuPont, UK based charity The Bhopal Medical Appeal has rolled out an animated campaign.

Dow Chemical was responsible for an explosion at a pesticide plant that exposed 500,000 people to a cloud of toxic gas in 1984 in Bhopal,India. As a result, around 25,000 people were killed.

The campaign conceptualised by Soul has merged the names of the two merger companies to from the logo that spells 'DoNT'

“Dow and DuPont’s merger will create the world’s largest chemical company, but it could also bury the world’s worst chemical disaster beneath a mountain of corporate red tape,” said Colin Toogood of the Bhopal Medical Appeal.

“New generations of Bhopalis are sick and dying. If enough people raise their voices together, Dow and DuPont will no longer be able to ignore their suffering.”

Shaun Moran, the founder and creative director of Soul, added: “Our brief was to get the message across in a short, quick, and simple fashion. The idea does just that. We’re using this merger to create the simple message: ‘DoNT bury Bhopal.’”

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