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‘Is the movie of your life worth watching?’: Beyond the Brief with Kyle Bunch, social MD for R/GA

Kyle Bunch, R/GA

Kyle Bunch is a jack of all trades. Not only is he the managing director of social at advertising agency, R/GA, but he is also creative in his start-up ventures.

At the IPG-owned business he has led social campaigns for clients including Nike, MasterCard, Google, L’Oreal and Microsoft. One of his advertising feats was with L’Oreal where it created the #AskHairGenius hashtag to engage consumers who were in need of hair advice.

In addition to his agency work, Bunch has taken his creativity to his own ventures. In 2009, he co-founded Blogs with Balls, a sports social media events series. Over the past eight years, the organization has held events in New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. and worked with sports companies, including ESPN, SB Nation and Bloomberg Sports.

He has also served as a visiting professor at the Miami Ad School.

Bunch’s commitment to pushing creativity expands beyond his agency work and shows why he is an example of living beyond the brief.

If you started an agency from scratch today, what would it look like?

If I were to start an agency today, I'd build it around better understanding of people through the lens of cultural and behavioral data. We have a remarkable opportunity to create more meaningful, human-centered experiences that add real value to people's lives if we have the ability to listen and respond to the right signals.

Would you want your kids to work in advertising? Why or why not?

With a newborn son at home (and a six-year-old daughter), I spend a lot of time thinking about what the future of work and our industry looks like; my enthusiasm for my children working in advertising will have a lot to do with how the industry responds to current disruptions brought about by technology. It is imperative that we find balance between innovation and humanity in the near future.

What should we be talking about in 2017?

In 2017, we should all be talking about how we want technology to fit into our lives. This is the ultimate time to understand the difference between 'can' and 'should.'

How do you practice self-care?

My keys to self-care are good music and podcasts while working out to ensure I get every day off on the right foot.

How would you define “A life well-lived”?

Is the movie of your life worth watching? That's my definition of a life well-lived.

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