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Marketers believe AI will not impact creative roles, new research finds

The Drum Market Insight Report – Artificial Intelligence Edition

Most marketers are confident the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) will not impact creative functions, according to research by The Drum, in association with social media analytics platform Sysomos.

While over half of the marketers surveyed (61%) believe the integration of AI will result in a loss of jobs, almost two-thirds (63%) feel confident creative jobs will prove to be resistant to the threat of automation.

But when asked about specific business areas marketers do not want AI to handle, creative briefs (43%) and recruitment (37%) came out on top.

The findings come from The Drum Market Insight Report – Artificial Intelligence Edition. The Drum partnered with Sysomos to discover how marketers view AI and how it will impact their marketing agenda over the next five years.

Over 200 marketers were surveyed to gauge opinions on AI and the automation of jobs, specific areas marketers do not want AI to handle, and investment in AI technology.

The survey found that while marketers feel positively about AI increasing productivity (62%), efficiency (60%) and generating new ideas and opportunities (49%), only 37% are actively investigating the potential of AI for business applications.

Commenting on the survey findings, David Berkowitz, chief strategy officer at Sysomos says: “As AI technology improves year on year, it’s only a matter of time before it starts to make a significant impact on the marketing industry. It’s certainly an area that’s important for us and this research shows that marketing professionals are clear that a change is coming, even if they’re not yet certain of how they should prepare for AI.”

The automation of creativity is a big topic in the industry. As automation is set to claim 50% of all jobs in the next 30 years, opinions remain mixed about whether technology will one day have the ability to be just as creative as humans. Some believe AI will liberate us to be more creative than ever before, while others are worried it will be used as an excuse for delivering poor creative.

The full results of the survey can be found in The Drum Market Insight Report – Artificial Intelligence, which is available to download here.

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