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The Community puts a Spanish twist on new Verizon spot

Verizon has gotten plenty of miles out of Thomas Middleditch as a spokesperson, but for a new spot in the campaign, he’s joined by a Spanish-speaking lookalike.

Global creative agency The Community (La Comunidad) has added a twist to the brand’s focus of finding the right mobile network.

In the new spot, ‘Date Interrupted,’ a Spanish-speaking couple dines al fresco, enjoying a rare evening away from their baby. Just as they begin to relax, the woman realizes she can no longer view their digital baby monitor on her phone, panicking as she urges her partner to eat faster so they can get home.

Almost instantaneously, Middleditch, of HBO’s Silicon Valley fame, swoops in, but realizes he’s never encountered Spanish speakers until now. Luckily, Mexican actor Luis Gerardo Mendez, who looks and dresses like Middleditch, comes to save the day. Middleditch asks “Who are you?” Mendez replies, “Someone like you but en español.” He then smoothly explains to the couple how Verizon has the best network with the best unlimited data in Spanish, while Middleditch is left bumbling because he doesn’t understand what they’re saying.

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