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Animal instinct: do you know why you do what you do?


We can all be a bit irrational and emotional when it comes to making decisions, much of the time without any reason or explanation.

Enter Lab, a London-based digital agency, who have come up with a unique psychology model that helps them to empathise with all aspects of decision-making – the rational, the irrational and the emotional, thereafter giving them an animal (monkey, lion or dog) with similar traits. The monkey is a contextual thinker and wants to make a difference and leave a legacy. The lion is also a rational thinker, and is powerful, paying great attention to their thoughts and judgements. Finally, the dog is an emotional thinker unlike the other two, mostly paying attention to their feelings in relation to other people, and is loving and trusting.

The test launched on Lab’s site today (23 August), so of course I took the test myself out of curiosity, and was told I was a monkey. A good or a bad thing? I’m still unsure, but what is clear is that this is an innovative way of rationalising your decision making, as well as others working closely with you.

We tend to think of ourselves as rational creatures with occasional emotional outbursts, but in reality we are emotional creatures with occasional moments of rationality. In the digital, people tend to create hypothetical ‘personas’ as the starting point for developing more personalised experiences.

Daryll Scott, director of human technology at Lab added: "Our methods for uncovering intrinsic motivations of users is based on some complex psychology, but it can still be creative and fun. We have created this cheeky questionnaire to give you a flavour of the different motives that drive our behaviour"

At Lab we want to know what really motivates people to make choices. We like to develop personas and messaging that cater to not only the rational decision making processes of the consumer, but also the irrational, emotional, unpredictable, quirky stuff.”

The test itself launched today on Lab’s website, and is open to all.

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