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Voice search, 3D modelling and chatbots named as 2017’s most significant e-commerce trends

Voice search tops Lab's list of hot ecommerce trends.

Advances in voice search, 3D modelling and chatbots have been identified as 2017’s most significant e-commerce trends in a new whitepaper from Magneto and Lab.

Tom Head, sales and marketing director at Lab, believes that voice searching has taken a huge step forward this year with the launch of Amazon Echo and Google Home. He said: “Recent research by Comscore suggested that, by 2020, 50% of all online searches will be voice searches. Google have categorized different situations in which people use voice search, such as ‘want-to-know’ moments and ‘want-to-buy’ moments, collectively calling these micro-moments. A good guiding principle for brands is to be there for all micro-moments of the consumer journey, not just when someone is ready to buy.”

Discussing the advances in 3D modelling tech, Head said: “Alongside the growth in augmented and virtual reality, we’re starting to see more examples of these engaging models, along with new front-end interactive experiences being used to differentiate from the competition and connect with consumers.”

The whitepaper also addresses the fact that, for the first time in recent years, messaging apps have surpassed social networks in terms of active users, prompting many brands to consider building their own chatbot. Head said: “The first step is to review your customer journeys to see where you could gain by automating elements of the experience. ‘Narrow’ AI, which is specialized artificial intelligence designed to do one thing very well, is where the most effective work in chatbots is currently happening, including examples such as facial recognition, providing advice or finding and ordering a product.”

The full whitepaper is available to download for free.

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