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More than one-third of millennials say they’ll subscribe to Disney’s streaming service

A survey found 36% of Millennials would subscribe to Disney's new streaming service.

According to a recent study from media and technology company Morning Consult, 36% of 18-to-29-year-olds would likely subscribe to the upcoming Disney streaming service.

That’s versus 23% of the US population as a whole.

Disney recently announced its plan to pull its content from Netflix in favor of its own offering, which will include new releases like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2, as well as Disney classics.

Of the millennials who said they would subscribe to the Disney service, 58% said they would use it in addition to other streaming options, versus 34% who said it would replace another service.

In addition, 55% said they were willing to subscribe to a streaming service to watch a particular show, but expressed frustration with the proliferation of streaming services. In fact, 57% said there are too many streaming services and 73% said they wished all of the shows they wanted to watch were available on a single service.

Another 42% said they pay too much for streaming even though 54% subscribe to only one or two services and 26% don’t spend any money on those subscriptions. Morning Consult found US consumers spend $10 or less on streaming services a month overall, but millennials are likely to spend slightly more, with 21% spending $11 to $20 a month.

Netflix remains the favorite streaming service, with 52% of all respondents and 67% of millennials subscribing to it. Amazon Prime video came in second with 26% of Americans and 28% of young people. YouTube TV was third with 15% of all Americans.

At the same time, 71% of respondents still subscribe to a cable or satellite service, but that figure drops to 50% among 18-to-29-year-olds.

Morning Consult surveyed 2,201 US consumers from August 10 to 14.

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