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NBC News' Snapchat Discover show attracts 29 million unique viewers

NBC News's show attracted 29 million unique viewers on Snapchat Discover

Millennials are headed to Snapchat for news as NBC News's show Stay Tuned, launched last month on Snapchat Discover, attracted 29 million unique viewers out of which 60% were under 25, according to a statement released by NBC.

Co-hosted by Savannah Sellers and Gadi Schwartz, Stay Tuned is the first-ever daily news program on Snapchat and lasts between two-to-three minutes.

NBC Universal invested $500m in Snapchat parent company Snap's IPO earlier this year as part of a strategic investment and partnership and looks like the partnership is headed in the right direction.

Snapchat earlier inked a deal with NBC to provide users content around summer’s 2016 Rio Olympics and once again NBC has teamed up with Buzzfeed to create content for Snapchat Discover for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in South Korea.

NBC isn't the only one to capture Snapchat millennials as The Washington Post too landed on Snapchat Discover to bring breaking news to millennials.

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