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xHamster teases move into conventional TV by offering to save cancelled Netflix series Sense8


By John McCarthy | Media editor

August 18, 2017 | 4 min read

Porn website xHamster is making a grab for headlines after offering to pick up the production of shuttered Netflix original show Sense8.


xHamster offers to pick up Sense8

The company has put itself into the pitching seat to save the series after the conclusion of the second season on its video streaming rival. This would be after an airing of a two-hour special that is due for release 2018, a video designed to wrap the series up.

As it is, xHamster thinks it stands to gain by being associated with the Wachowski-produced show that centres around eight strangers who are connected in a unique way – whether or not there is any weight to its offer. The move shows how absurd and out-of-the-blue the latest comings and goings in the TV ecosystem can be as video streamers make a grab for content and creators.

The full letter from xHamster reads as follows.

Dear Lana and Lilly,

We recently read that you're working on a third season of Sense8 despite the fact that Netflix has no plans to renew the series. We know it's unconventional, but we want to bring it back — on xHamster. We're not talking about a parody, or something less than, but an actual revival of the series.

Ever since we read about the cancellation, we've been wondering if there was something we could do. While we're happy Netflix is picking up the series for a conclusion, before you wrap up the story, we wanted you to consider another option — letting xHamster produce the series.

Hear us out.

xHamster is currently one of the most trafficked websites on the internet. We get more visitors daily than the New York Times, ESPN or the Daily Mail. In short, we have the eyeballs, and the revenue. Unlike with Netflix, you wouldn't be competing for part of our production budget — it would be yours.

We also have the disposition. We know that a series about polymorphous perversity is a hard sell for a mainstream network like Netflix. We have no such limitations, and also understand implicitly the interconnectedness of sexualities across boundaries. In short, we are a we.

xHamster has a long history of fighting for the rights of sexual speech, and non-normative sexuality. In addition to allowing billions of users to connect with individual articulations of gender and sexuality, we continue to use our audience to speak up against repressive anti-LGBTQ laws in the US and abroad, and for sex ed in public school Planned Parenthood and the rights of sex workers.

We'd like to set up a meeting to see if there's some fit for us in the future of Sense8. We know we're an unlikely home. But five years ago, people laughed at the idea of Netflix producing original series. We think that our time, like yours, has come."

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