By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

August 17, 2017 | 3 min read

EP+Co (formerly Erwin Penland) recently won the business for Men’s Wearhouse in the US and Moores Clothing for Men out of Canada, and with it has introduced a new campaign spot.

Both companies are subsidiaries of Tailored Brands, so it’s fitting that the new agency of record would title its first spot, ‘The Tailor.’

EP+Co wanted to focus on real men and the challenges they face finding the right fit, translating that to how the experience at both Men’s Wearhouse and Moores can deliver that to them. In the spot, a seasoned, immaculately dressed tailor says that he has seen every type of body style on a man, from tall and skinny to wide, long-necked and barrel-chested. But he has never seen two exactly the same, which is why the tailors at Men’s Wearhouse make sure each man has a suit with the perfect fit.

The spot is tagged with the familiar “like the way you look” phrase made popular by former founder George Zimmer, who was ousted from the company in 2013 and went on to start zTailors and Generation Tux. Tailored Brands had announced it was closing 250 stores in 2016, and this new campaign re-establishes it as a player in men’s fashion.

The new work kicks of the fall and winter campaign for broadcast and online content to drive engagement and awareness for Men’s Wearhouse and Moores Clothing.

“The men's retail category focuses much more on the clothes than the men who wear them but our extensive research shows that consumers seek brands that relate to them,” said Matt Stringer, executive vice president, marketing for Tailored Brands. “This new campaign leverages that insight, along with additional data, as we recognize our consumers’ lifestyles, their desires and what it means to be a part of modern manhood. The brand promise has always been to give men more confidence by helping them like the way they look. This new campaign is driven by a spirit of self-acceptance that clothes should fit the size of the man – not just S, M, L or XL. We wanted a strategic and creative agency partner that could help us build these emotional connections with our consumers. EP+Co has proven they can help generate content-driven messaging that can fuel our brand.”

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