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Airbnb partners with Vice Media to host 'once in a lifetime' experiences in four cities

Airbnb and Vice media announced on Tuesday that they will be partnering together to bring one-of-a-kind experiences

Airbnb and Vice Media will be partnering together to bring 'one-of-a-kind experiences' in South Africa, France, United States and Japan, to life through the Airbnb Trips platform.

The different experiences available to be won include exploring Cape Town’s vibrant electronic music scene, Paris’ secret sexual history of love and lust, New York’s ballroom vogue scene and Tokyo’s underground gay culture hotspots.

The aim of this partnership is to allow people to enjoy different sides of a city, and encourage locals to share their interests with fellow locals and visitors alike.

According to Airbnb, for cities, experiences help bring tourism from busy city centers to the hidden corners of cities, giving travelers unprecedented access to people and places they would otherwise miss.

Airbnb launched the experiences concept alongside its Trips platform, which expanded its offering beyond accomodation. Vice isn't the only brand to partner with Airbnb, it joins high-profile companies such as Pantone, which partnered with Airbnb in early 2017.

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