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The Contributor Network Live: digital is dead, Joseph upgrades and strategic content is the way forward for the Met Office

The Drum loves great content and our Contributor Network enables agencies to self-publish their own news, insights, campaigns and case studies on The Drum website to build profile with our audiences. In this week’s Contributor Network Live, we look at how digital is dead, how marketers can save the day in cyber attacks and how strategic content is paving the way for brighter days with the Met Office.

Webcredible: Digital transformation is dead

For those of us who've worked in digital for more years than I care to share, this new era of business transformation in the digital age is logical, it's exciting and it brings so many benefits to businesses and customers alike. But what about those who are new to digital, whose products and services have relied on more traditional ways of working, those who are nervous about the impact it will have on them.

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Greenlight: is there a role for marketers in a cyber attack?

Cyber attacks seem to be impossible to escape, with news left, right, and centre reminding us just how at risk consumers' extremely valuable data is. As a result, many are worried about what companies are doing with their information and what steps are being taken to protect them. It may seem like an issue for the IT department to solve, but it has an equally significant impact on marketers too.

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Inviqa: upgrading luxury fashion brand Joseph's e-commerce

Joseph, luxury fashion brand, appointed Inviqa to upgrade their e-commerce offering. Inviqa developed the platform in under four months. The new interface is befitting of a high-end fashion brand and features rich content including full-page video, with flexible templates that make it easy for Joseph’s digital team to manage the look and feel of the site.

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Builtvisible: strategic content helps build new audience for the Met Office

Better content resulted in more visits, more sessions and a 655% increase in traffic for the Met Office. In light of such stiff competition, the Met Office needed a strategic solution to attract new users. Builtvisible were tasked to grow their audience base.

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