Juan Mata urges footballers to pledge 1% of salary to charity in emotional Mumbai ad

With the aim to spark conversation between footballers to give back to the society, a recent campaign titled 'Common Goal' featuring Manchester United's Juan Mata was launched by streetfootballworld.

Mata is urging the footballers to pledge 1% of their salary to charities in the campaign which was shot in Mumbai, India. The campaign was conceptualized by Dark Horses and they aim to make a team of XI players and base a series of films on the same.

The campaign has evoked emotional response on social media platforms from the footballing community.

Mata who has pledged 1% of his salary said that they are "trying to do is define a shared social agenda" for football.

“Common Goal goes beyond individual brands and egos to deliver a greater impact. By making the pledge, we can form a lasting connection between football as a business and football as a tool for social change,” he added.

Steve Munachen, Dark Horses creative director, said: "Common Goal and Juan Mata are leading the conversation and their work should serve as an inspiration to all footballers across the world to work together to make a real difference’

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