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Amazon set to take on Ticketmaster with venue partnership drive

Amazon wants to sell tickets to US events.

Amazon is gearing up to challenge Ticketmaster by partnering with US venue owners so it can sell event tickets in a move that could see the e-commerce giant upend yet another industry.

Reuters cites four unnamed sources in reporting the move and notes potential winners abound: Consumers could theoretically find relief from high fees; venues, leagues and teams could sell more tickets; musicians and teams could sell more merchandise to consumers buying tickets; and Amazon could recruit more Prime members.

The report also claimed that Ticketmaster is the exclusive ticket retailer for many US venues and has firmly established relationships as a result, which has allowed it to operate virtually unopposed to date. However, Ticketmaster often pays these venues for the rights to sell tickets and the latter will likely be reluctant to relinquish this revenue stream, even if it translates to high fees for attendees.

What’s more, the report says Amazon has talked to Ticketmaster in the past about a potential partnership, but they were unable to come to an agreement over which party would control customer data.

This could continue to be a sticky wicket with venues. Reuters says despite offering venues millions of dollars, Amazon will not budge on data.

Amazon is no stranger to this field and has sold tickets in the UK since 2015.

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