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Canon wants you to pick up your camera and ‘shoot for greatness’

Canon wants you to pick up your camera and ‘shoot for greatness’

Forget your iPhone. A new spot from Canon and Grey New York shows how you can capture the everyday moments with your Canon camera. In a spot called “Shoot for Greatness,” the brand shows that “Being at the right place at the right time means nothing without the right camera” in an effort to promote their Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR.

Coupled with Chief White Lightning’s song “City Alive,” the spot shows the camera lens cap setting a domino-like effect that runs through water pipes, buckets, umbrellas, bikes and through a beautifully crafted town. It ends with a ball hitting a flower stand, a woman leaping in the air and the photographer showing off her perfect photos. Those perfectly timed photos include flowers frozen in air, a dog helping to lift a gate and a falling water balloon.

“The new ‘Shoot for Greatness’ campaign embodies the true Canon spirit of providing tools to unlock creative possibilities for anyone who has the desire to express themselves visually," said Rob Altman, senior manager of camera marketing, Canon USA.

Then in short vignettes, such as how to turn your dog into a monster, how to defy gravity and how to mirror the moment, they show you how to take the best shot with your camera.

"We hope that photographers at all levels will feel empowered to capture the everyday, fleeting moments that inspire them and that are made accessible by the exceptional Canon DSLR cameras and lenses,” said Rob Altman, senior manager of marketing, Canon USA.

In November, the brand incorporated man’s best friend into their “Rebel with a Cause” campaign. As they wrapped up that campaign, photographer and shelter advocate Guinnevere Shuster took photos of four-year-old Willa who was up for adoption at the Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. In addition to creating the video, Shuster also partnered with Dogs of Instagram to work to get Willa adopted — which she has been, according to Grey.

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