Chiquita has fun with solar eclipse hype in tongue-in-cheek video about impending ‘Banana Sun’

Most brands are likely struggling to find any sort of real or viable connection to the upcoming solar eclipse, but Chiquita’s rebranding of the event as the ‘Banana Sun’ has provided it with a bevy of jokes that it’s using to poke fun at the hype surrounding the spectacle.

On August 21, those who are in the moon’s 70-mile-wide “path of totality” will experience a few minutes of darkness when the moon blocks the view of the sun. The eclipse will begin off of the coast of Oregon before moving across the country to South Carolina, a rare event that many consider to be an astronomical wonder. But for Chiquita, the real excitement lies within those “two glorious moments before and after the total eclipse” when it will appear as though a giant, glowing banana is in the sky.

In partnership with Wieden + Kennedy, the brand has rolled out a video called ‘Banana Sun Announcement’ to kick off the festivities that will lead up the big day. In the video, a voiceover reveals that on August 21, “Chiquita will physically move the moon in front of the sun to create an enormous, fiery yellow banana in the sky.”

On August 14, Chiquita will unveil a chat bot on Facebook Messenger that will tell users the exact time to look for the banana sun based upon where they live. On the eve of the eclipse, a ‘Big Banana’ glowing out-of-home installation will be constructed near the Flatiron Building in New York City where passersby can pick up a pair of eclipse-viewing glasses.

The brand is also teaming up with Funny or Die on August 21 for a Facebook “livestream” of the banana sun. A countdown to the event along with other banana sun content can be found on the campaign’s dedicated website.

“From debuting our iconic Blue Stickers in 1944 to introducing the world to Miss Chiquita, we’ve always aimed to drive Chiquita’s message of fun through vibrant and light-hearted visual storytelling,” said Chiquita Brands International’s president and chief executive Andrew Biles in a statement.

“We’ve always strived to move mountains with our work, but until now, moving the fifth-largest natural satellite in our solar system was simply a pipe dream,” added Wieden + Kennedy creative Jarrod Higgins. “We’re so honored to celebrate this wondrous moment with banana devotees around the country free of charge.”

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