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BuzzFeed and Breitbart at bottom of media trust list as Americans place trust in British outlets


By John Glenday | Reporter

August 8, 2017 | 3 min read

The latest snapshot of US attitudes towards the news media has painted a picture of declining trust among American outlets driven by the rise of ‘fake news’ with looking across the Atlantic to the likes of UK-based weekly The Economist, as well as Reuters, the BBC and The Guardian for their news fix.

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Americans trust British news outlets more than home grown providers

Compiled by the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute, the survey found that The Economist could lay claim to being the most trusted format, followed by public television, Reuters and the BBC - just ahead of two US nonprofit news providers; NPR and PBS.

They are followed closely by established print stalwarts The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, LA Times and the Dallas Morning News to complete the top ten.

At the opposite end of the spectrum sit the likes of politically motivated portals such as Open Democrats, Breitbart and InfoWars with their partisan agendas causing trust to plumb new depths. Amongst the least trusted sources can also be counted BuzzFeed, social media in general and (worryingly for US democracy) president Donald Trump himself.

The survey was compiled based on voluntary feedback from 8,000 people conducted by 28 US-based media organisations, with a more detailed analysis showing that respondents of a liberal bent were more trusting than their conservative counterparts.

Surveys show that a paltry 7% of audiences think Facebook and Twitter are doing enough to protect tjem from fake news.


1.The Economist

2.Public television





7.The Guardian

8.The Wall Street Journal

9.Los Angeles Times

10The Dallas Morning News


1.Occupy Democrats



4.Social media





9.Huffington Post

10.The Blaze

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